Estate Planning

The Law Office of Robert R. Massey attorney provides qualified and caring legal services for a range of estate planning issues. I assist clients with decision making and document preparation that reflects their goals and objectives for asset protection and distribution during life and after death. Estate planning also includes legal guidance and document preparation for long-term health care planning.

  • Statutory Durable Power of Attorney
  • Medical Power of Attorney
  • Advanced Directive ("Living Will")
  • HIPAA Release Form
  • Do Not Resuscitate Order
  • Last Will And Testament
  • Trusts

Completely Customized Estate Planning Services From a Qualified and Caring Attorney

Each individual is unique. Benefit from an estate plan to review your assets regardless of the size of your estate. If you have children, a spouse, a business, life insurance, a retirement fund, real estate, investments, or other assets to protect and pass onto loved ones consult with The Law Office of Robert R. Massey for legal guidance.

Is Estate Planning Only for the Wealthy?

Many people falsely believe that Estate Planning is only for the rich yet nothing could be further from the truth. Without a properly designed estate plan, the law will decide—not you—who gets your property! Regardless of the amount of assets you have, I can help you prepare legal documents, and ensure that your loved ones receive your intended legacy.

We help you preserve your hard-earned assets from being squandered and lost to family disagreements, unnecessary legal fees and expenses, or poor planning. No matter what your financial situation, take control. Don’t leave it to the courts to decide how your hard earned assets will be divided up.

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